A 3D-ready projector is the perfect tool to create an immersive environment that best captures students' attention in learning. Teachers can illustrate complex or abstract concepts more effectively and take their class on a virtual field trip. A DLP®-enabled 3D-ready projector today is really as affordable as any standard 2D projector used in schools today.

BenQ uses the DLP Link™ technology for their 3D projection. To find out more about how BenQ 3D projection works, what format it supports and how it can best facilitate 3D learning in your school, visit the official BenQ website at www.benq.us.
The resolution is the number of pixels that a projector can display – the higher the resolution, the clearer and more accurate the projected image. Full HD 1080P resolution is the highest resolution available for projectors. BenQ education projectors support 1:1, scaling-free Full HD 1080P resolution, enabling teachers to enrich their lesson plan with a variety of multimedia contents and intrigue students to engage in class.
This sophisticated image-processing engine converts standard definition (SD) and regular HD video sources to Full HD-like image quality with 80% precisely scaled picture quality – whether they are analog or digital. BenQ's HQV feature allows teachers to make the most out of their existing teaching resources, maximizing image details of the original content with minimized noise, jaggies, ringing and other artifacts.