More teachers are using Apple iPads and Android devices to engage students with various multimedia and learning apps. These educational applications have opened a gateway to a world of knowledge through a wide range of content, such as e-books, websites, newspapers, magazines, movies, music and games. BenQ sees the benefits of integrating the iPads, iPhones, and Android smart devices for a more captivating learning experience in every subject. Classroom projectors, including BenQ’s MX661 and MW870UST, support wireless display both through Apple's iPhone, iPad, or Android's smart devices that empowers teachers when it comes to creative teaching. Apps that support TV-out can be projected to over 80-inches, bringing content to life for students.
Simply plug BenQ’s wireless dongle into the USB Type A input on the projector and your iPhone or iPad or Android smart device will be instantly connected to the projector. Bring up a presentation app like QPresenter and you can quickly begin displaying images, files, documents and hosted applications. See, it’s that easy!
This feature enables a projector to read and project multiple types of files saved onto a portable USB flash drive. Which means, teachers get to pack light and teach PC-less with a USB reader.
Remote Desktop enables teachers to teach PC-less with a wireless mouse and keyboard, accessing files stored in their computer whenever they need via a LAN connection. Schools can save greatly on computer purchase, maintenance and repair since there won't be a need for classroom computers.