LAN Display enables projector implementation management with a single LAN cable to control and display classroom projections, as well as transmit audio signals, through various display options. It also comes with simultaneous school-wide emergency broadcast capability. Plus, LAN cables are much more cost-efficient than VGA cables as they can be used to display images and sounds and to manage projectors with a digital transmission distance of 100m.
This ultra-intuitive projection set-up system helps teachers quickly search for and get connected to the target projector. Also, it allows them to customize projected contents using various tools as well as set up and manage their remote desktop password here.
This convenient feature connects a classroom PC or a notebook to the projector via a single USB cable and automatically detects the ideal resolution to generate the best image quality. It also helps set up simultaneous projection from one display source, which makes it a handy tool for administering school-wide exams during midterms and finals.
This feature connects a classroom PC or notebook to a projector via WLAN, keeping all the messy cables and wires out of the way. All you need is the Wireless Display Adapter. It is the perfect choice for smaller class settings or classes with young learners.