Built by Texas Instruments, DLP (Digital Light Processing) is one of the leading projector technologies in the world. A DLP projector is run by a filter-free projector system that uses thousands of carefully arranged microscopic mirrors to reflect different measures of light through a color wheel to project images onto the projector screen – without overheating the projector housing.

BenQ's DLP education projectors pack a high native contrast ratio, clear text projection and consistent, lasting colors into one durable package. Their filter-free, low-maintenance design makes them an ideal choice for every school.

DLP generates excellent contrast performances while enhancing readability. A DLP projector boasts a native contrast ratio from 2000:1 to up to 4000:1, allowing students to enjoy vividly colored videos with deeper blacks and brighter whites, as well as take notes with clearer, sharper text.


All-digital DLP image processing enables projectors to stay virtually immune to color decay. Colors stay consistently vibrant over an extended period of use with DLP projectors.


Many DLP projectors do not need filters to protect them from dust. Their filter-free design makes them hands-down
the best projector choice for cutting down costs on maintenance and repair.


Instead of incorporating three colors (red, green and blue) to create images on the screen, many DLP projectors process up to six colors through the BrilliantColor™ technology to vastly expand the color gamut and enhance secondary color brightness with incredible color fidelity.


Leading DLP education projector brands, BenQ for instance, now build 3D functionality into their
projectors using DLP Link. Schools only need to prepare 3D glasses, 3D content and an inexpensive
quad video card to build an immersive learning experience for their students.